Useful Tips For Choosing Books For Babies

These days, a lot of families choose to buy books for their babies when they are very small and even when they have just been born. In fact, our babies can absorb knowledge when our mothers are still pregnant.

According to experts, babies under 1 year old are able to understand and remember everything if we repeat telling the about that. Reading book for babies or giving books to babies to see will provoke their imagination and help them get access to the surrounding world early. In this article, I will help you with some simple tips for choosing books for babies of all ages.

For Babies Under 18 Months

One thing interesting is that our babies can read book from being born. Adults will read book through our oral language but infant babies will read book and feel the content of the book through their eyes.

More important, our babies can absorb knowledge anytime and even when they are eating. That sounds very strange but it is true. You can bring some books about science or fairy tales to tell them when they are eating or sleeping.

The research shows that our babies can absorb knowledge when they are small but they cannot learn too much and our duty is not to force babies to learn but to play with them. The important thing is the way you tell and play with their darlings rather than oblige them to understand all the content mentioned.

When your babies grow up a little bit, you can read books for them every day at their sleeping time. It is better to choose the books that have a lot of vivid images and fewer words on the grounds that our babies can only apprehend the images, not the words.

Our babies will have quick response to the things that are familiar with the images they see in the books. Therefore, for some first books, you can find some about animals, nature and all things in the houses.

For Babies From 18 Months – 3 Years Old

At this stage, our babies start to be curious about their surroundings and they will know several words. This stage is also when babies learn to speak out simple words that have the letter A and O. You can read books bout fairy tales with some explanation.

The brain of these babies is also developing and they can absorb what is repeated many times. Therefore, it is advisable to read fairy tales or some short stories for them for at least 3 times. Telling them such stories will have a positive influence on the growth of babies.

The book you should buy should have large pages and the content should be about a main character, usually the hero. The stories should be short and have both clear beginning and ending.

For Babies Form 3 – 6 Years Old

Babies at this stage are often sent to the kindergarten and the teachers will also tell them a number of useful stories. In addition, they have a chance to watch videos on the television in their class.

Therefore, your babies will form their skills to read books through observing their parents telling them. They start to understand more content and understand some symbols in the book if the see them many times.

Apart from this, the book will become a helpful tool for parents to teach babies about basic knowledge such as shapes, sizes, colors. They will also have questions about human beings, animals, plants and weather and so on. That is why you had better choose to buy books much related to nature world.

For Babies Form 6 – 9 Years Old

Babies at the age of 6 – 9 years old can learn words and understand several concepts and definitions. They can also read book by themselves. At this stage, you should buy them the books that are suitable with their perspective.

If we try to overestimate their ability to read books and choose the ones that have difficult content to understand then our babies can be bored soon and may not like to read books anymore. You should only purchase the books that have simple content to apprehend.

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