The Best Experience To Buy Safe Bottle Warmer You Should Know

The bottle warmer is an important item in daily life for many ages. A vase can hold heat transformed into “thermos milk warmers” for children, a container of delicious hot coffee for their husbands, weight loss tea containers for wives or convenient container for medicine elderly people have also utilized to contain fruit juice for young …

Read more to take some useful information about good bottle warmer. You can consider and then choose the best bottle warmer to drink on some cold day and make sure it is good for your health. From that, you will know how to choose the best bottle warmer.

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The products are rich average price of bottle warmer from tens of thousands to a million dong also, depending on the origin and volume. The bottle warmer is mainly made of stainless steel, but stainless steel, depending on the composition is divided into 10 different types of stainless steel. So how do consumers choose to buy safe Thermostats average health? Currently on the market there are four common types of heat-trapping average: vase, teapot, vase electricity, water retention bisexual average.


Just keep the water hot. Designed is handy and smart, when used without opening the lid which simply press the button with mechanical pump that water pressure will automatically flow out.

Thermos: Just keep the water hot. This type of system pressure electric pump, simply press the water out, with buttons orifice valve electronically avoid burns. Can pour water into the vase and module types such as electric kettles. The bottle warmer is composed of four layers, two layers of glass and two layers of plastic or metal, from 1.6 to 4 liters capacity, to keep heat in 12 hours. There are many modes as selected types of boiling water at 60-90-98 ° C, timer to boil, reheat.

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Bottle Warmer

Thermostats bisexual average: Called average bisexual because both serve to keep the heat or cold of the drinks are very good, about 24-36 hours. Bottle is with a capacity of 0.2 to 1.8 liters.

The products are mentioning is made of heat-trapping this duality. This product is widely used today by Convenient and compact, can bring to work, go out … About the material, bisexual Thermostats average there are two kinds of plastic and metal.

Textured plastic bottle with 2 layers of air to insulate the hollow in the middle. The advantage of this type of comments. However, average heat very poorly maintained, can be made from plastic is not safe, so if you want to use for storing hot and cold drinks, and Uncle Mai should not buy this product should also be used to store hot water .

How To Use Bottle Warmer Effectively

You should buy bottle warmer metal bisexual reliable, robust and secure. Products made of 304 stainless steel shell (used for food, no oxidation, no rust), stainless steel or aluminum. 2-3 bottom of the thick layer when snapped into no sound. Normally, the material inside the bottle is made of stainless steel material along with covers, containers are heated 100 ° C, but is only 8-24 hours Thermostats, worth several hundred thousand dong.

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There is one other kind, with the material inside the silicon coated with heat function better hold up to 48 hours, but only used for hot water below 70 degrees C, this type is quite expensive, can cost up to several hundred thousand or money million and not very popular.

After use, wash immediately, do not let the fat, salt or acids such as vinegar remaining in the bottle. If the average fouling appears on the bottom then doctors can clean way: Give the bottle a water content of about 10% vinegar eat, uncovered, soak about 30 minutes. Then use soft foam inside the bottle washed and rinse with clean water. With the average outer layers of stainless steel, aluminum furniture doctors should not be used to scrub that gently clean soft cloth to keep the average temperature is always shiny like new.

We have provided to you some information to choose and use bottle warmer. Hope  you have good an eye on to choose the best product.

Good luck to you.

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