How To Choose Pillow For Pregnancy

A good sleep is very important with pregnancy therefore choosing a suitable pillow with high quality will help pregnancy have good sleep to ensure health for mom and baby. The pillow for pregnancy is a helpful product with pregnancy – this product not only helps pregnancy have good sleep but also has feature to minimize feeling cramps and backache for user. You will feel comfortable when sleeping with this pillow – you can put it between two legs or using as a bolster to support your back when sleeping. Below are some experiences to help you choose a suitable pillow.

Type Of Pillow

There are many types of pillow for pregnancy. In fact, many people usually feel comfortable when using pillow to put between two legs or putting pillow on thighs when sitting because it will help pregnancy feel comfortable at belly area as well as help to decrease backache in this time. When pregnancy, many moms usually have problem with their sleep and this problem will grow over time therefore quality of sleep should be the leading concern of mom to ensure health for both mom and baby in pregnancy. In order to have good sleep, mom should avoid eating the food, beverage having caffeine that is main reason causing insomnia as well as a balanced diet.  In addition, choosing a suitable pillow is also an important factor to have good sleep. The pillow for pregnancy is designed with special technology to be suitable with physical of mom in pregnancy to help mom feel comfortable, easy to use as well as help mom protect baby better.

Normally, pillow for pregnancy will be designed with tubular shape with open bottom to cover around belly area of mom to help users decrease uncomfortable as well as very helpful to avoid injuries for moms. The pillow will be designed with suitable shape to create comfortable feeling for area around knee to support back, knee and belly of user in same time. In addition, it is also designed to support blood circulation for mom and baby when sleeping. As mentioned above, there are many brands of this product on the market and each brand will have own models with pros and cons however basically, we can classify this product into three main types based on shape of them. Pillow for pregnancy will have three main types that are C-shaped, J-shaped and U-shaped pillow.  The pillow for pregnancy can be used as normal pillow when sleeping or it can be used as bolster pillow to help mom feel more comfortable when sleeping.

Pros And Cons Of Pillow For Pregnancy

Firstly is J-shaped pillow. According to reviews of moms who have used this pillow when pregnancy then this type is not suitable choice for mom because it is just designed to support for head and neck of mom therefore it will not support for back and belly of user. About C-shaped pillow, this pillow is also chosen by many moms because it is designed with feature to support for head, neck, back and belly of user however it also has certain cons that are it can not support back and belly in a same time. Therein, U-shaped pillow can be considered as the best choice for mom in pregnancy. This pillow is designed with feature to support for head, neck, back, belly and leg of user. This pillow is very helpful to help mom have good sleep however it also has the certain cons for example, size of this type is very large therefore it will take a lot of area in your bed therefore it will not be suitable choice if space of your bedroom is small.

In addition, price of it is also higher than other pillows therefore you should consider carefully to balance between feature, quality and price of this product when choosing. In addition, you should consider about size and material when choosing this product. You should choose pillow having suitable size with size of your bed. About material, a pillow made by soft material will be the best choice for mom in pregnancy in addition, you should choose pillow with soft and smooth pillowcase to create comfortable feeling for mom when sleeping.

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