Criteria In Choosing Books For Babies

It is said that building up reading book habit for our babies when they are small is very beneficial. Our babies can gain a lot of advantages during their growth. However, we had better choose the books that have appropriate content for them.

So what we should choose to buy? In this article, I will help you to point out all the criteria in choosing a good book for our little.

Suitable With The Level Of Awareness

It is obvious that our babies can only understand what is within their perspective. If we tell our babies the content that is beyond their apprehension, they will get bored very soon and they will have a negative impact on reading book habit.

In addition, some contents are still difficult for adults to understand, let alone babies. Therefore, we should only take notice of the books that have familiar content to babies.

Simple Images And Words

Like the content, the images and words in the book should be as simple as possible. An image with too many characters with too many colors and too many long lines of words will be difficult to see and to figure out. Therefore, the images should consist of three colors to be the maximum and several words of large front sizes. This will be easy for our babies to absorb.

Moreover, simple words will be simple for parents to read and to explain for babies. If the words are too complicated, it will be more difficult for mothers or fathers to interpret and for babies to apprehend.

With Repeated Words And Images

If we want our babies to know and understand the stories or the content of the book quickly, we have to let them see the repeated words and images. In addition, according to researches about the mind of people, we will have the ability to remember all the things within a short time if we repeat all the things for many times.

This is also effective for babies. Their subconscious mind will help them remember all the things for a long time when we put into their mind repeated images, especially telling them repeated words.

Practical Topics

It is the best suitable to teach our babies about practical topics through books. You know that it is very difficult to give interpretation to babies about some topics such as fiction stories, violent stories, psychologies or archeology.

Therefore, we should only introduce to our babies some practical topics such as fruits, animals, shapes, houses and people. These topics will help babies form their first perspective about their surroundings and families.

Tips To Increase Interest Of Babies In Reading Books

To make babies interested in reading books, we had better bring them to the bookstores where have a lot of picture books attractive to them. They will point out the book they like and will feel more independent in every small thing.

We ought to also encourage more activities that are related to reading. For example, when your families go out for eating in a restaurant, you can let your babies see and read the menu. Or when you come to the cinema, you can allow your babies see the list of the films so that they can have more experiences with reading.

To conclude, books should be indispensable for babies even when they are really small. Their mind will develop in a positive way with a lot of interesting experience. Apart from this, our babies will have good habits in the future, instead of playing games or watching the T.V too often. More important, reading books help babies to expand their command of every field.

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