Choosing Book For Your Baby

We live every day, every job we do, every book we read, has to be a conscious proactive and responsible choice. That’s the most important thing that I want to sow in their minds – starting from the choice of books.

Presents the most important and meaningful for the children you may be reading to children. Every age, from birth to the child about to enter puberty have the appropriate books. Please refer to the following suggestions to choose good books for children.

Begin reading to your children when the baby still in the womb. Please choose cute story, touched on motherhood, family, funny stories about animals … Little children will come to know and recognize your voice, will be stroked by the tone quiet of books, creating a happy environment, quiet in the womb. When a baby is born, take special time to read to your baby. Keeping the baby side, holding your baby in the palm with the book. Baby will soon enjoy the pleasure of the mother side. Let’s create the books and stories about everyday life part of the baby, and when she grows up, combine reading books and the actual activities.


From Birth To 3 Months

Your baby’s hearing is quite sensitive. Let us start with the books with rhythm and rhyme. Your baby’s eyesight is still developing. Choosing books with pictures neat, with good contrast and beautiful face. Picture books, especially picture of the newborn, is the best choice. Engaging in dialogue with your child. When children create audio, please respond to the child. Name and response is important for the development of your baby’s language skills. Choose books with high-contrast colors and shapes.

From 3-6 Months

When you read a book, just for baby items on the page. Your baby will soon begin to incorporate what they see on the pages of a book with what you are saying. Sing to your baby, and sing old songs from his childhood. The books about the world around them – the bees, the flowers, and the animal help children develop intellectually.

From 6-9 Months

Continue to choose the books simple visual stimuli, images relatively neat. The book combines the beautiful illustrations. Now, when you read aloud, start pointing to the words as you read. It helps children begin to understand that we read from left to right, top to bottom – and like the pictures on the page translated into audio books aloud. Babies start exploring everything verbally. Choosing books with cardboard with rounded corners, to keep her from chewing into his mouth and poked him in the eye avoided.

From 9-12 Months

The book is based on the familiar game of little baby to enjoy the game. Children will become love and begged the books you read repeatedly. Even he will not skip a page or does not seek to shirk bend when you read aloud. At this age, children begin to have the skills to help you turn the page.

From 12-18 Months

When reading to your child, ask questions to help children learn to predict what will happen next or on the choices that the characters are doing. We do this in our house. Through the books, parents create the connections is the key to the practice in the future baby. Bringing music and the arts as a vital part of a child’s day. Dancing not only help children develop motor skills, but also enhance the child’s neural connections. Cut, tear and paste the pictures on the refrigerator and infant brain stimulation. Choose books with beautiful illustrations. You are to help children discover the life and soul enriching for children.

Methods Of Selecting Books For Elementary School Children

Make a habit of reading to children at an early age is extremely important because it stimulates the imagination and creativity of children. Currently on the market for children’s books are rich and diverse, so the selection of books for children that is reasonable concerns of parents with young children. Here are some suggestions you can refer to.

Select The Type Of Books For Children

Children at this stage was able to read and understand the evolution of the plot. They can predict what the story and shared his thoughts about their character without illustrations. Therefore, in addition to the comic that you buy for children, then you can buy the book for children without pictures. However, before buying any storybook you should read through to know the contents. In addition, let us buy them when you find them useful for your child.

Find The Science Books

The books explain natural phenomena, physics, or the book answers the question why is useful for children. This book written by a very short, easy to understand … but also provide more knowledge. You should find buyers and guide them to read.

Search For The Young Award-Winning Works

You can ask the seller or a librarian for children’s books have been awarded by the contest or sending a reputable voted to buy or borrow them for children. You can also pre-prepared list of best-selling books and consulted these people.

Share With The Children The Favorite Books Of Your Childhood

The classic book will never be obsolete. You flip through the books you love to read as a child in the library or in the bookstore and then introduced to the children. This is also a way for children to read good books and appropriate.

The Books Suitable To The Child’s Interests

You do not pay attention too to the difficulty of the book or whether its contents have reached the level of classic or not. If your child likes the book on spacecraft, go buy the books on reading baby. If your children love the hilarious book then you go ahead and buy the child. This helps to develop love of children books in general, rather than the affinity towards a certain type of book. When putting your baby to the bookstore or library to choose a book, you do not have to choose baby restriction is appropriate to their age or topic. Let the reading habits of children develop naturally.

Refer To The Practice

For children in this age group, the books contents are also practical guidance accordingly. Such books teach how to put on air, car or simple cookbook for children. You can with the read and follow the instructions therein. Also effective in helping children enjoy reading it also helps children develop thinking, ingenuity, imagination …

Learn The List Of Books For Children In School

Currently there are many primary schools have a library for children. You can refer to the list of books and book exchange for what is consistent with the interests and ages of children.

Currently, the market has too many books for children that parents do not know how to choose the kind of rewarding for me. At the same time, many parents are anxious for their children’s reading. Recently, in a seminar titled “I read something yesterday? Parents and translators, experts in the field of children’s books together to discuss this issue.

Select Books For Children Is Not Easy

It can be said, reading not only helps children increase contiguity, stimulate creativity, but also help them receive good value without education how to do well. Books were “miniature world” with many children, because there are things, people, and pictures in books by the children all their life. Therefore, if you read the books inappropriate or offensive content will affect a lots to thought and personality of the child.

How to guide the reading from childhood, the book with your child’s age and the choice of children so they can learn ?These are not questions at the level of a parent give, especially when reading their children are influenced by many factors such as the present.

Information technology is growing, and soon children today have access to new technology applications. Do not just read books in which the children can read e-books online. This is an advantage for them to want to read more books, especially about science policy, foreign policy.

The commercialization of children’s books take place more and more, the content of the book is not focused. Children are subjected to curious and want to explore the things around them, to them seems everything is new. In the children’s perceptions can not distinguish which content should read, what content should be avoided. Recently, on the mass media reported that a lot of some publishers in the wrong information or offensive illustrations in children’s books. Parental anxiety is increasing, because the problem does not just stop at how to encourage children to read books but also how to select good new books for their children.

Only a small detail like the eyes, the character buttons … but under the eyes of children, it was something special, contain unexpected mystery. Looking at the painting, you can imagine, imagine new things than what prose can not convey all.

Reading With Children

Children are now reading very well oriented; we are interested in, love what you will choose the books written about it. A baby likes animals will usually pay much attention to books, stories about animals, but with the baby passionate discovery, exploration would prefer books that are more scientific. Many parents also frankly expressed his concerns about the choice of whether proper books and with age.

How To Choose To Buy Books For Children

Children look at books; comics are an important way to develop the mentality.

When take me to the bookstore to buy books, between parents and children are common contradiction. The books that parents should buy it that the child does not agree. Some parents completely deferred to the will of the child, what books your child likes to purchase it. So how? In fact, both of these approaches are not reasonable.

As a child, the child look at books, comics are an important way to develop the mentality of the child. By viewing comics, children can form the link between the visual and the auditory, forming and enhancing observations and explanations, which language, rich vocabulary. However, children of different ages should be read and considered the comic matching ages.

Children under 1 year of age: Should we buy the book has vibrant colors, less controversial word, each painting is a subject content, to attract the attention of children.

When choosing picture books for children should be based on the ability to explain and excitement of youth. Content paintings reflects the things that young phenomenon quite familiar: the room, the daily utensils, animals, toys … line of simple paintings, colorful.

So much to choose books that combine painting with the inscription with simple captions, words that rhyme, easy to learn rules for children to follow. The pictures in the book can be a little more abstract, the animals in the pictures is not necessarily true animal breeding to increase imagination for this age children love to hear stories of animal sounds or vehicles

Select books for children in this age group are mainly in favor of the words. Content poems, stories to vivid, rich, mean and understandable explanation, leading children to the proper moral concepts. So, should choose to buy the book on stories with simple facts, the true image of the character, the character’s movements outstanding, cheerful colors, words understandable.

Children from 4-5 years old: At this age, we need to expand the scope for children to hear. Often the children love to hear stories myths, fables. This subject contributes to expand sources of knowledge and raise awareness of the environment surrounding children. While reading for young adults need to use different intonations to express image and emits the cry of the animals to create excitement interesting for children.

Children aged 5-6 years: Children love to hear fairy tales, stories with complicated circumstances long, rich philosophy to expand the knowledge and thinking ability of children. Children often have a rich imagination and empathy, vision, hearing, language ability of the children expressed more developed. So parents should choose to buy the kind of rich content and complexity, help children and promote awareness imagination.

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