Choose Books Suitable With Baby Ages

A lot of families buy books or babies to read when the mothers are still pregnant with the hope of furnishing their brain and giving positive impact on their subconscious mind. Therefore, on special occasions, they buy books as a meaningful present while other families only want to buy clothes and some beautiful decorations for babies to play.

I feel certain that buying books is one of the most effective methods to stimulate the intellect of our babies. Nonetheless, at each age, babies need different books. Therefore, today I will show you several instructions to choose baby books.

When Babies Are Born To 3 Month

Babies of this stage have very keen ears and are very sensitive to sounds that have specific rhythm. In addition, the eyesight of babies is still being improved and I am sure that at this stage, babies can absorb everything through their effective eyes. Therefore, books that have a lot of pictures are encouraged for such babies.

According to experts, we can take part in conversations with our babies every day so as to stimulate them to speak out. We should tell our babies stories about friendly animals or the environment on the grounds that babies should live in safe and humane surroundings so that they could develop in a right way.

Buying a book for babies does not mean that we give our babies the book and let them play with the book all the time. During such a stage, our guides are very significant so we have to open the book and introduce to them everything as if you are a tour guide.

When Babies Are From 3 – 6 Months

Babies from 3 – 6 months can seat and are learning to flip their bodies. When our babies can seat on the swing or in the bed with reclining cushion, we can give them the book, hold their fingers and point the pictures. Concurrently, you can point and give explanation for them

Books about everything around them like bees, flowers and animals will help them improve their intellect very effectually. In addition, you can sing some short songs related to the picture in the book so that your babies can catch the meaning more quickly it will be easy for babies to remember the content.

When Babies Are From 6 – 9 Months

At this stage, we had better continue with the books that provoke the eyesight of babies with simple images but the colors and all combinations should be in a harmony.

Now, when you read books for your babies, you ought to use your fingers and point out every word in the line. Our babies will be able to understand that we are reading from left to right and they will learn this good point.

In addition, our babies will have some actions like raise their hands or feet while they are listening to the stories. This will be a positive reaction of our babies that show us that they like reading books.

To sum up, it is advisable to create the most favorable condition for our babies to live and play so that their spirit and mind can be enhanced. Reading books play an extremely important role in helping babies to develop their brain.

In addition to this, when babies grow up and go to school, they will also have to read books and are forced to understand all the difficult content with a lot of words. However, if we allow our babies to get access to books early with many images, they will form a quick habit to absorb the information and the knowledge in a smarter way.

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